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Reactive vs. proactive IT support: what you need to know

Discover how proactive IT helps your business.
Why wait for your computer to break down before you fix it?! Enjoy less downtime and more productive staff with proactive IT support.

Reactive vs. proactive IT support: what you need to know

Before we talk about IT stuff, let’s talk about cars. (Who doesn’t like cars?!)


Do you keep your car topped up with petrol? Or do you prefer to run out of petrol and get the emergency call-out service to bring you a tank of petrol every time you run out?


It’s a pretty silly question, really.


Everyone knows that as annoying as it is to visit the service station, it’s a lot more efficient than hitting ‘Empty’ every week or two.


The same is true with IT support


If you never do any proactive maintenance of your computer hardware and software, and wait for it to break down, you and your employees would be spending an awful lot of time twiddling your thumbs. (Even though we’re really efficient at fixing techie stuff quickly.)


And believe me, if you weren’t proactive about your IT maintenance, you’d end up with plenty of viruses and malware – maybe even ransomware. And your computer would definitely be running slooooowly.


This is not productive!


But rather than you worrying about maintaining your organisation’s computer hardware and software – let us take care of it for you. Remotely and off-site.


After all, it’s most cost efficient if you focus on what you do best, and let your friendly geeks take care of your computers.


So how does proactive IT support work?


At Optimus Systems, there are a range of proactive IT support packages to suit the size and nature of your business. But all the packages have the following features:

  • Monitoring your entire IT network 24/7. And if our systems spot anything out of the ordinary, we get notified straight away.
  • Remote access lets us investigate and fix any anomalies, without having to physically access your building.
  • Patch management – we’ll make sure your operating system, Microsoft Office software, Flash, Java, Adobe Reader etc. are always up-to-date. (This is important, because it’s loopholes in these commonly-used applications that often provide a gateway for viruses and malware.)
  • Reporting and documentation – you’ll automatically get a systems report from us every month, so you can see how your network is performing, and what improvements and enhancements we’ve done.


In other words, proactive IT support is all about heading off any problems at the pass.


How does proactive IT help your business?


By proactively managing your IT network, it avoids numerous problems (viruses, malware, etc.) from cropping up in the first place. Your computers will run faster and more efficiently.


Most importantly, there’s less downtime because your IT systems are always working at their optimum levels. And that means your team can keep working productively, too.


It also means there’s less time spent hovering over an IT technician who’s trying to remove a virus. Fewer delays. Happier staff. Happy customers. A happier, and more productive workplace.



If you agree that keeping your car’s fuel tank topped up is a good idea – do the same for your business IT systems!


Proactive IT services are a more efficient of working, and can save you a heap of money, time and sanity in the long run.



Next step:


Contact our friendly team to see how proactive IT support can make your workplace happier and more productive.

Marek Drummond
Marek Drummond

Marek is an enthusiastic entrepreneur that runs Optimus Systems. He drives success from the view of his customers, ensuring they get the best. As well as being an enthusiastic entrepreneur Marek's true passion is to help businesses thrive through the utilisation of technology. Marek keeps his finger on the technology pulse, continually researching the latest technologies and solutions from around the globe. He has a genuine interest in delivering the best results for our customers and ensures that this passion is echoed throughout the company.

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