If we have more information, we can resolve your issue faster! Please use the Optimus Systems steps below to reproduce and capture your issue:

Start by reproducing the problem

  • If you have an idea of what caused the problem, start by trying to reproduce it
  • Open the software/operation and try repeat the steps that caused the error in the first place
  • The more information we have on the problem, the better we can help resolve it in a timely manner

Take a screen capture

Different keyboards might have the key in slightly different places, but start by pressing the “Print Scrn” button, example below:

Send a copy to us

  • Either reply to the ticket acknowledgement email or compose a new email and send it to support@optimus.co.nz
  • Once you’re in the email box, either press Ctrl + V or right click into the window and press paste
  • Please include details on the steps you took to reproduce this.
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