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Ransomware is more rampant than ever before; protect your business.

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Here’s a New Year’s resolution you need to stick to: protecting your business against ransomware

Happy 2018!

Here’s a sobering story to make sure that protecting yourself from ransomware is at the top of your priority list now that you’re back at work.

We’ve just taken a call from a client who’s been hit by ransomware – and it’s also crippled all their local backups. The ransom has been paid, only for the criminals to demand more money. Fingers and toes are firmly crossed that the client gets their data back.

Crossing your fingers and toes isn’t a sound business strategy

Rather than crossing your digits, your effort is better sent in taking a layered approach to data security. And you need to invest in as many layers as possible for full protection:

1. Desktop security layer:

This consists of protecting desktop computers, laptops and devices with:

  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • Ransomware protection software
  • Web content filtering
  • Intelligent DNS and IP layer protection

If you like the idea of an all-in-one solution, our Total Desktop Security suite of products makes implementing this layer quick and easy.

This layer is very much about preventing a ransomware attack ion the first place – but it will only protect you at a desktop level, and that’s not enough.

2. Network security layer:

Whereas the previous layer protects individual computers and devices, you also need to take measures to protect your data at a network level, with:

  • Email filtering
  • Network perimeter protection, via firewall content filtering
  • A robust patching strategy for Microsoft and common third-party applications.

3. Backup strategy layer:

The previous two layers are about prevention; this layer is all about what to do if the worst does happen. Because ransomware can take down you local backups, you need to either rotate off-site backups or have a cloud backup system – or both.

If your data is compromised there;s a strong chance that paying the ransom won’t get your data back. So a sound backup strategy is an absolute must.

Just imagine what would happen to your business if you lost all your data…

If your data is compromised then you can’t access it. Your staff are down, your systems are down, you can’t continue to work. Even if there are backups, restoring backups and re configuring data sets can take a long time. Hence the focus on preventing ransomware attacks in the first place.

What about cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance is a backup for if you have to pay ransoms or you suffer downtime, but again, that doesn’t keep your clients happy while you’re affected by outages. You’re better off saving money on this kind of insurance, and investing it in preventative measures and backup systems.

Next step: Get a ransomware security analysis

Think what losing all your data, and all your backups, would do to your business. If you’d rather not experience that, then give the helpful Optimus Systems team a call on 0800 359 933 and we can analyse your systems, and make recommendations on how they can be secured. This will truly make for a happier new year!