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The process to get a fibre broadband connection is now trouble-free

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If you couldn’t get fibre before, you might be able to now

Have you been wanting to hook your business up to fibre broadband – but you haven’t been able to get fibre?

A big stumbling block for many individuals and organisations has been that consent is needed from all your neighbours so you can get fibre broadband. This has been a nuisance for those with shared driveways, in business parks, office blocks, or townhouse blocks. And an unsigned form (perhaps because your neighbour is absent, or doesn’t understand the process) equals a declined consent.

Thankfully, this process has now changed.

What’s changed to the consent process to get fibre broadband?

The law around the consent required for you to get fibre has changed. Here’s a video with an overview of the changes:

Chorus, who installs all the fibre in New Zealand, now has the authority to complete a site visit and determine which category of work your installation falls into.

The categories assigned by Chorus are:

  • Category 1: Low impact; 5 working days’ notice
  • Category 2: Medium impact; 15 working days’ notice
  • Category 3: High impact

You can read more about these categories here. 

Is fibre really worth is?

Yes! Whether you go for an Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB) connection, or Premium Fibre, it will be significantly faster than your existing ADSL or VDSL connection.

Here at Optimus Systems we offer tailor made internet service packages, with multiple connection options ranging from ADSL, VDSL, Ultra-Fast Broadband and Premium Fibre.

If you’d like to find out more – and discover if you can get fibre broadband in your area – contact us.