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Computers aren’t the only types of devices that are vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Mobile Devices Security

You should care about your mobile security

Computers aren’t the only types of devices that are vulnerable to viruses and malware that can leave your device unusable, or steal all your data. This is why mobile security is important!

With most staff bringing their own devices, such as mobile phones, and connecting them to your business network, the mobile security risk has become even greater with less control. This is why most businesses these days are having to invest in mobile device management solutions to not only protect assets the organisation purchased, but the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices that their staff bring into the office or connect to the company network with.

More and more mobile phones and tablets are being compromised by the user simply installing a game or app they thought everyone was using, which can lead to company data leakage, private data leakage, large unexpected data bills from your telco or leaves your device in a state that interupts your normal business activities because you can’t use it.

Optimus Systems strongly recommends protecting all your devices. With a myriad of other features as well as antivirus and antimalware – our mobile security product needs to be deployed to your fleet of mobile devices today. Alongside that we recommend developing your own BYOD Policy (Bring your own device policy) that clearly defines your expectations on your staff when connecting to your company resources with their own devices, so there is no question.

Click here to download our Mobile Device Manager Brochure, and here’s a great infographic from security testing company Veracode that we think outlines things well.