Doing more with less

November 22, 2019 86
How cloud computing can unleash business potential For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), IT flexibility is the key to extracting the maximum productivity out of a limited workforce. However, the ability of businesses to keep up with technological developments can be constrained by the pr...
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Avoiding the IT Cowboys

November 22, 2019 101
Six questions to ask your IT Provider if you are in the construction sector People talk about 'cowboys' in the construction sector. The same minority exist in the IT services sector - companies that promise more than they ever deliver. With information technology becoming more critical to the co...
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Steps to reproduce your issue

November 15, 2019 111
If we have more information, we can resolve your issue faster! Please use the Optimus Systems steps below to reproduce and capture your issue: Start by reproducing the problem If you have an idea of what caused the problem, start by trying to reproduce itOpen the software/operation and try r...
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