mymailsecurity Quarantine Report

September 19, 2017 447
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How to submit missed spam and false-positives

August 31, 2017 222
Overview This article describes the procedure to submit missed spam and false-positive samples for mymailsecurity.   Submit missed spam samples Send the original missed spam email as an attachment in a new email to These samples will then be analysed for inclusion in...
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Lock a Server Down to Only Accept Mail from us

August 31, 2017 191
Overview Enforcing IP restrictions is absolutely critical to ensure complete protection of your mail server. Because hackers and spammers can easily bypass cloud services and target your server directly, mail servers protected by mymailsecurity should only accept SMTP connections from the mymailsecu...
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Configuration When Using Office 365

August 31, 2017 153 1
Overview NOTE: Compatibility Reminder: The Current AD Sync Tool for mymailsecurity LDAP 2.0 does not currently support Office 365)   To set up outbound mail with Office 365, you will need to do the following: Log into the Office 365 administration console.Navigate to the Admin > Exchange men...
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MX Records

August 31, 2017 239
Overview Here are the values to be included when you configure MX records for mymailsecurity with your domain host or DNS provider.     Feedback and contact If you’ve spotted an error or would like to provide fe...
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Increased Spam

August 2, 2017 125
Overview There are a few things to keep in mind when you get an overall increase in spam on your domains:   What to do The efficacy of our filter is a matter of percentages, not raw numbers. Over 90% of all email traffic worldwide is spam. The longer an email address is used, the
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Create SPF Record

August 2, 2017 238
If you are using our outbound smarthost and have a need for an SPF record on your domain, please use the record below as a starting point.   While all environments are different and you may require additional tokens, this record will authorise mymailsecurity to send on behalf of your domain. v=...
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Send mail through your approved SMTP relay

August 2, 2017 166
Overview You get the the following error in mymailsecurity:   Send mail through your approved SMTP relay, or add a PTR record so the rDNS check more closely resembles their HELO name.   This error also occurs when there is an SPF record mismatch and the receiving server has a robust SPF ch...
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What is RFC2183?

August 2, 2017 251
RFC2183 Sometimes certain inbound or outbound message is tagged as spam because the message attachment did not meet RFC2183 standards.   RFC2183 is an attachment filtering option in mymailsecurity. If a message is tagged with the error message that you’ve provided in your quarantine, this...
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