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Optimus Systems can provide all the services Vodafone is closing, and make the transition easy and seamless for your enterprise

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Affected by Vodafone closing its website and email services? Here’s your headache-free solution

Vodafone has announced that its going to be closing all of its email and website services on 28 February 2019. This affects:

  • Domain name registration and renewals
  • Domain name hosting (DNS hosting)
  • Email hosting
  • Website hosting.

While it’s understandable that they want to eliminate obsolete technology they set up 20 years ago, this could potentially be a big headache for you. But happily for you, Optimus Systems can provide all of the above services, and make the transition easy and seamless for your enterprise.

Let us take care of your technology hassles

Optimus Systems can take care of just about all your Vodafone services. With the exception of mobile phone plans, we can help with domain name registrations, domain name hosting, email hosting, website hosting, internet connections (including fibre), and VoIP telecommunications.

(And unlike Vodafone, we invest in new technology every year, rather than relying on 20-year-old infrastructure!)

Get in touch with our helpful team today on 0800 359 933 – we’ll not only take this annoying closure off your To Do list, we’ll get your technology humming better than ever!