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Web Filtering

Web filtering protects your business from web-based threats and controls access to inappropriate websites.

Protect your business network from online threats

mywebmanager is a web filtering and management service that enhances your network security infrastructure. It does this by providing comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware and phishing attacks, as well as preventing inappropriate website usage.

Prevent web-based threats

Web filtering stops web-based threats before they enter your network.

Complements your spam protection

Spam protection safeguards your emails, whereas web filtering prevents browser-based threats.

Implement web usage policies

Monitor and control website usage, to reduce workplace abuse of the internet.

Easy reporting

Gain visibility into your company’s web browsing activities.

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About mywebmanager

Protecting your network from threats and managing employee access to the internet has typically been challenging and costly.


Most companies have HR policies relating to email and internet use but they can be difficult to monitor and enforce. With mywebmanager you now have complete visibility and control.


In recent years, security threats have evolved from desktop-based viruses to email-based worms, but now are largely browser-based threats.


mywebmanager inspects all outbound and inbound web traffic to protect businesses from these potentially harmful threats. Web content filtering enables companies to enforce internet use policies, mitigate data loss, protect users from inappropriate content and improve email and internet productivity.

How it works

Through the easy-to-use web console, administrators can facilitate user, group and account level access policies across email and internet traffic. mywebmanager filters web content based on website URL, web application, attachment type, MIME type, file type and file size.


Millions of URLs are categorised into 11 main categories and 103 subcategories. This database is continuously updated to ensure accurate and advanced control.


Internet access policies may be managed at a group or individual level and applied by time and location, meaning you can block access to certain websites at all times, or just during work hours, if you wish. Real-time forensic reporting displays which sites and downloads users have attempted to access and whether or not they were allowed.


As an integrated component of the service, mywebmanager provides seamless enforcement of company internet policies regardless of where an employee is working. Mobile laptop users can be easily configured to receive automatic and uninterrupted protection even while they are outside the organisations network. mywebmanager also provides support for Citrix and Terminal Services.


Optimus Systems can install and get your business up and running with web filtering – and if you ever need any support, our legendary NZ-based support team is only a phone call away.

Key business benefits

Improved security

mywebmanager enables you to stop virus, phishing and malware attacks before they reach your network.

Increased productivity

Measure and manage employee internet abuse and restrict access to non-work related websites and downloads.

Peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can control access to inappropriate, illegal or offensive websites.

Easy reporting

The reporting tools allow you to easily see your organisation’s web browsing activity, so you can take action where required.

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