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Firewalls For Businesses

A layered threat defence to keep you in control of your business.

Fully-featured next generation firewalls for businesses

As well as protecting your network from outside hacks and attacks, the role of firewalls for businesses has evolved to assist with compliance and risk management. The firewall solution from Optimus Systems is easy to set up and enforce acceptable use policies. It’ll also identify risky users and apps before they become a problem.

Application control

Prioritise important network traffic, such as VoIP, and limit or block unlimited traffic, like streaming media.

Web control

Easily create user-based and group-based URL filtering policies with a simple and flexible set of policy tools.

Risk visibility

Get insights into your riskiest users and applications so you can ensure proper policies are followed before there’s a serious incident.

HTTPS scanning

With most internet traffic now encrypted, it’s vital that your firewall has HTTPS scanning that’s non-disruptive and non-invasive.

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About firewalls for businesses

Cybercriminals constantly change their methods to avoid being detected, so every malware attack tends to be a zero-day variant. In other words, the attack is of a new type that hasn’t been experienced before, and is more sophisticated than previous attacks.


Firewalls for businesses therefore need to take a layered defence against cyberattacks to protect your enterprise from these threats.

How it works

Business firewalls from Optimus Systems use the following layers to protect your enterprise from cyberattacks:

  • Advanced threat protection: Identifies bots, APTs, and other threats already operating on your network. The collaborative approach combines IPS, DNS, and web telemetry to identify call-home traffic.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): Protect servers, devices and business applications from being hacked.
  • Identify and isolate compromised systems: Immediately identify not only the infected host, but also the user and process in the event of an incident, and automatically isolate and block compromised systems until they can be investigated and cleaned up.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS): Detect hackers who are attempting to breach your network, and block entire GeoIP ranges for regions of the world that you don’t do business with.
  • Web protection: With dual antivirus engines and behavioural-based web protection that can emulate or simulate JavaScript code in web content to determine the intent – before it’s passed to the user’s web browser.
  • Email protection: Email is still the primary entry point for threats, so the firewall provides first-class anti-spam and anti-phishing technology to detect malware in email and attachments.
  • Sandboxing: Catch the latest evasive ransomware and malware before it reaches your computers. Advanced sandboxing identifies suspicious web or email files and detonates them in a safe sandbox environment to determine their behaviour before allowing them into your business network.

Key business benefits

On-premises and in-the-cloud protection

On-premises and in-the-cloud protection

Flexible and scalable

Our firewall solutions grow and adapt alongside your business, so you always have the perfect firewall protection for your needs.

Integrates with your other IT security

The firewall integrates with servers and mobile devices so your entire system is protected.

Easy set-up, management and reporting

Day-to-day management of your firewall is streamlined, with an easy-to-use dashboard for all your important information.

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