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Email Protection

Protect your inbox against email threats and increase employee productivity, with our industry-leading email protection solution.

Take control over your inbox

Having an inbox free of spam and threats means that your employees can focus on the important things, without the disturbance of unsolicited email, potential attacks and other email distractions.


With mymailsecurity you can eliminate threats and restore the true value of business email, making it safe and efficient to use.

Tried and true

The technology behind mymailsecurity has won multiple awards over the years, and for good reason: it works.

Advanced and effective

mymailsecurity has a market-leading 99.9% spam catch rate, and an incredibly low 0.003% false positive rate.


Happily, mymailsecurity isn’t just top quality – it’s also affordable and scalable to the size of your business.

Easy to manage

Setting up and managing mymailsecurity is a breeze – plus our support team is here to help you whenever you need us.

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Contact our user-friendly team today to find out more about mymailsecurity protection. It’s easy!

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About mymailsecurity

mymailsecurity is enterprise-grade email protection software that reduces spam, viruses, malware and other email threats by over 99.9%. And the incidence of false positives is only 0.003% – so it’s little wonder that mymailsecurity’s technology has won numerous industry awards over the years.


Best of all, mymailsecurity email protection is easy and quick to install, and provides network administrators with comprehensive tools to control the mail flow, and protect against unwanted email, malware and viruses.


The incidence of viruses, malware and ransomware being sent by email is rising drastically: so protecting your business’ data with quality spam protection is a must. Optimus Systems uses and recommends mymailsecurity as the superior solution in combatting email based threats.

How it works

It’s quick and easy for Optimus Systems to install and configure mymailsecurity for you – and after that, the maintenance is very straightforward. (And if you do need any help, our legendary NZ-based support team is only a phone call away.)


mymailsecurity is cloud-based software with automatic updates, which means that you don’t need users or administrators to continually update or patch their email protection. That means your entire team is always using the most up-to-date email protection, which is absolutely critical because new viruses are introduced on a daily basis.


mymailsecurity provides multi-layered anti-spam and threat analysis. The email protection includes Sender Policy Framework (SPF), SURBLs, RBLs Bayesian analysis, SASL authentication, plus double antivirus protection, including Kaspersky Lab and Clam AV engines. There are advanced features for outbound mail scanning, routing, whitelisting, blacklisting, as well as comprehensive reporting.


mymailsecurity supports multiple domains, and an unlimited number of users: the setup is totally scalable to suit your company’s needs.

Plan Features

Cloud hosted anti-spam and antivirus protection to stop email born threats before they reach your network.

mymailsecurity FeaturesEssentialsEnhanceUltimate
99.999% inbound spam & phishing protection
99.999% outbound spam & phishing protection
100% known virus protection
10 days disaster recovery mail queue
Quarantine digest emails per email user
Web management portal
mymailsecurity custom rules
30-day disaster recovery mail queue

All plans provide the ability for email protection users to add a blocked message to their whitelist and control the release of caught messages.

Key business benefits

Business continuity

The effects of malware and viruses have the potential to bring a business to its knees: excellent spam protection is your first line of defence against this

Double protection

mymailsecurity features double anti-virus protection, so the spam blocking is twice as effective.


The configuration of mymailsecurity is simple, so once it’s installed, it’s a case of set-and-forget. And if you do need any changes, that’s easy to do too.

Cloud-based software

Your team will always have the most up-to-date spam protection, minimising the risk of virus or malware infection.

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