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Email Archiving

Simple and secure email archiving service with extremely fast search features.


Keeping all the emails that have been sent and received can be vital for legally safeguarding your enterprise. But at the same time, storing a massive number of emails adds a huge workload and capacity issue to your mail servers. Plus storing a mass of emails also causes Outlook to bloat.


mymailarchive email archiving from Optimus Systems gives you the best of both worlds: simple and safe email storage, but with extremely fast search capabilities of both emails and attachments. mymailarchive also keeps your inbox nice and clutter-free.


If you’re struggling to find a solution for public folders with either moving to the cloud being too slow, or simply needing to replace them as a solution, then mymailarchive can be a fast effective replacement.

Legal compliance

Keep all your email trails safe and accessible, should you ever need them. Your emails are stored in a secure NZ-based datacentre.

Protect against data loss

The secure offsite storage of your email data means you’ll have access to your information, whatever happens.

Save storage space

Email archiving saves up to 70% on storage space, and significantly reduces the workload of your mail servers.

Extremely fast searching

All users will enjoy extremely fast full-text searching for emails and attachments. It’s faster than searching through Outlook!

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About mymailarchive

Overloaded email servers and complex backup and restore processes can put a strain on IT departments and their budgets. Yet at the same time, the number of emails sent and received is at an all-time high – and each one of these emails needs to be stored and accessible to provide an email trail, and to satisfy legal requirements.


mymailarchive stores every email as soon as it’s sent or received, making absolutely sure that all of your company’s email is archived. This also means that employees cannot delete their mailboxes or emails – you will have a record of absolutely everything in mymailarchive.


How the email archiving works is up to the IT administrator: it can be set so that it’s automatic, and everything is archived right away. Or else the archiving can take place on demand, or as a one-off job. Whatever works best for your business.


The archived data is held securely off-site at a New Zealand datacentre. Because your data is offsite in different geographic locations, it mitigates the risk of it being destroyed by natural disasters and human error. Plus it’s protected from ransomware and other cyber attacks.

How it works

mymailarchive is simple to install and manage. IT departments love it, because it’s a hands-off system that’s reliable and robust. Best of all, IT managers no longer need to worry about PST files, which are prone to corruption and also difficult to backup and restore.


From a user’s point of view, the system is hands off, as the email archiving is instant and automatic. Users will enjoy the super-fast search capabilities of mymailarchive. So not only should your business see productivity gains – but mymailarchive is also priced competitively.


mymailarchive works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite (Gmail), all IMAP or POP3 compatible email servers, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more.

Key business benefits

Encrypted storage

You can be assured that your data will be safe and secure. This is a great layer for your business continuity needs, protecting you from ransomware and other data loss.

Unlimited storage and retention

Think: no more mailbox quotas and PST files! Your team can stop spending time on deleting old emails, and focus on their main tasks in stead.

Faster searching than via Outlook

Let’s face it, Outlook is great but the search facility isn’t exactly snappy fast. With mymailarchive email archiving, all users can access their emails easily and extremely fast, increasing productivity within the company.

Getting started is easy

Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll gladly provide you with a tailor-made quote for implementing email archiving. We’ll then set up the system – and train you on how to use it.

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