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Online Security Services

Internet and email are vital business tools – but they can also be an easy gateway for hackers, viruses, and malware.

Get on-top of your online security

The key elements of a smooth-running business are data security, and a team that’s productive all day, every day.


But both data and productivity – and therefore your profitability – are at risk if you don’t have measures in place to monitor and control email systems and internet access.


Optimus Systems can create a customised solution for your online security, and help set it all up for you. And you can call on us any time you need help with your online security services.

Email Protection

Protecting your business from email threats has a number of benefits. For one thing, a threat-free In Box allows your employees to work more productively. Plus it eliminates spam and online security risks, such as phishing attacks, viruses and malware. Quality email threat protection is a must for businesses of all sizes.


Whether you’re using an email server or a cloud-based service – we can configure a solution that’s right for your business.


Total Desktop Security

Encompassing both antivirus and anti-malware technologies we are able to provide a comprehensive security solution to protect from a range of threats. With our monitoring functionality, we are able to take your security protection to the next level and provide a service that is both comprehensive and cost effective.


Web Filtering

Stop web-based virus or malware attacks before they enter your network! Web filtering doesn’t just keep your network and data safe, but you can also configure the software to prevent your employees from using the internet inappropriately.


We can help you set up the web filtering so it exactly matches your company’s HR policies relating to email and internet use. Plus the system administrator gains visibility and control of all web browsing.



As well as protecting your network from outside hacks and attacks, the role of firewalls for businesses has evolved to assist with compliance and risk management. The firewall solution from Optimus Systems is easy to set up and enforce acceptable use policies. It’ll also identify risky users and apps before they become a problem.


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