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Proactive IT Support

You’ll enjoy peace of mind with our fixed fee, managed services – as well as improving productivity and minimising downtime.

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Proactive IT support keeps your entire IT system running smoothly. This is achieved by combining a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme with robust real-time monitoring of your whole IT network.


You’ll enjoy peace of mind with our fixed fee, managed service – choose the service level that’s right for your business:


Our entry-level proactive IT support programme offers essential server and workstation monitoring. The monitoring predicts and reports on potential issues before they occur, ensuring maximum uptime of your IT infrastructure.




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As well as providing server and workstation monitoring, our mid-level proactive IT support service also ensures that your system is up-to-date and secure. We also check that your technology is performing at optimum levels, so your team can work as efficiently and profitably.



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This really is the ultimate in proactive IT support. As well as proactive monitoring, performance checks, and automated security patches, you’ll also receive unlimited monitoring, maintenance, management, reporting, consultation – as well as remote and on-site support. If you’re looking for hassle-free IT at a fixed cost – this is it.


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Key business benefits

Predictable costs

With a fixed monthly cost, you can move from unknown and unpredictable IT costs, to fixed costs that make IT budgeting much easier.

Reduced downtime

Through regular, preventative maintenance activities designed to keep your network operating efficiently, we reduce the number of emergency incidents you encounter.

Issues resolved promptly

Continuous insight into your system lets us reduce the business impact of failure by shortening the time from system failure to issue resolution.

Increased productivity

Through early detection of impending problems, we can work to resolve many issues before they affect your network and your employees’ productivity.

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