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Virtual Servers

Reliable, secure and flexible server infrastructure without the constraints of traditional IT ownership.

Connecting your team

mycloudserver virtual servers provide a reliable, secure and flexible server infrastructure.


Virtual servers from Optimus Systems have a guaranteed uptime; are easy to use; provide an enterprise-class server environment; and are available on a pay-as-you-go basis at a fixed monthly price. The fee even includes automated patching, antivirus, backups, a firewall, and 24/7 monitoring – so much less for you to worry about!

Easy to use

mycloudserver is both easy to set up, and easy to use. And if you do ever need help, Optimus Systems is always available for support.


The pay-as-you-go pricing structure plus the cloud-based service means that the technology is scalable – without you needing to invest in any hardware.

Secure hardware with failover

Your data is protected with enterprise-grade security – and if any part of the hardware fails, failover support means you won’t even notice there’s glitch and can keep working.

Work from anywhere

mycloudserver is well suited to single-site setups – but it really shines when you have a remote workforce, or multiple geographic locations.

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About mycloudserver

With mycloudserver you get all the benefits of an enterprise-class server environment without the hefty capital investment or on-going management and support hassles.


Your complete IT solution can be delivered to you as a service at a fixed monthly price.

You have complete flexibility to add or remove users – or even entire locations – as you need to, and you’ll have reliable technology and access to the latest software.


With no capital expenditure required you can move to a more cost-effective operational expenditure (OPEX) model, and lower your total cost of ownership.


For SME businesses this presents significant benefits and allows access to technology that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional on-premise server approach.

How it works

Optimus Systems has top-of-the-line servers in secure data centres that provide all the technology you need, at a fraction of the cost.


For your fixed monthly fee you will get a high performance server operating system, automated patching, antivirus, backup, managed network and firewall, as well as 24/7 monitoring. Future software and infrastructure upgrades are included in your monthly fee, so you’ll always be using the latest technology.


You simply tell us which applications and services you require, and we’ll put the entire package together for you. You still retain total control and can even utilise additional services such as replication to a secondary site, load-balancing solutions, managed internet solutions, and application delivery support.

Key business benefits

Cost effective

mycloudserver is very cost effective: not only do you pay for just the services used, but you also don’t need to maintain expensive servers and equipment.

Increased business flexibility

Server resources can be scaled up or down as your business demand changes, meaning you only pay for what you need.

Future-proof technology

Future software and infrastructure upgrades are included in your monthly fee, so you’ll always be using the latest technology.

Increased productivity

The server infrastructure is state-of-the-art technology, which eliminates downtime and improves productivity.

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