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Virtual Desktops

Always have your desktop, applications, files and emails at your fingertips – from any device, anywhere in the world.

Access your desktop from any device

With mydesktop you can access your business computing environment from any internet-connected device in the world!


Utilising hosted virtual desktops, you can create a seamless desktop experience across any device – a work PC, home PC, laptop or even a tablet. This creates a standardised experience for everyone in your business, so all users will have the same software versions, and the same desktop experience. Virtual hosted desktops are secure and up-to-date, and on going maintenance will be greatly reduced.

Work from anywhere

You and your team can access your familiar computer desktop and applications from any device, anywhere in the world.

Safe and secure

Your data is stored in a high-tech data centre with state-of-the-art security.

Easy to manage

Setting up and maintaining your virtual desktops is a breeze.


By using a cloud service, your IT environment is consolidated and all related IT management and support is included in your monthly fee.

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About mydesktop

Many businesses are benefiting from increased productivity by providing a more mobile and flexible work environment.


However, providing users with secure and reliable access to company data and applications whilst at home or on the move can prove a challenge.


With mydesktop users no longer need to “remote in” or require a desktop computer to be physically sitting somewhere and left switched on. Users simply access their virtual desktop from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world – because now their desktop is in the cloud.


With mydesktop, Optimus Systems can provide a managed infrastructure and application delivery platform to run your software applications and deliver them to your team. Your computing system can be provided to all of your users, no matter where they are located, and they’ll have virtually the same experience as using a local computer.


With the end-users’ desktops now hosted in the cloud, you’ll have no need for expensive office equipment, and regular computer upgrades requiring huge capital investment will become a thing of the past. If you want access to the latest operating environments and Microsoft Office software without huge expense, then mydesktop is the solution for you.

How it works

mydesktop is a hosted virtual desktop that looks and operates much the same as a normal desktop that many businesses use now. The only difference is that instead of the desktop (files, applications, emails, etc.) being stored on the hard drive of the computer on your desk, it’s stored in a data centre and accessed via the internet. Because it’s a standardised desktop for everyone in your business, it means that all users will be working from the same software version, and have the same desktop experience.


Through advanced desktop virtualisation, Optimus Systems is able to build your desktop environment in a high-tech data centre and deliver it to any local computer via a secure internet connection. This means that your employees can receive a standardised computing session from any internet-connected device, in any location.


mydesktop takes away the cost and complexity of maintaining your own in-house IT system and allows you to simply have the service delivered when and where you need it.


We can host practically any software application, including Microsoft SQL, Microsft CRM, Microsoft Office, and your line-of-business software.

Key business benefits

Future-proof technology

You'll always have the latest Microsoft Office, Windows and Exchange platforms at your fingertips.

Simplified IT management

All of the hardware, software, licensing and performance concerns are managed for you, so you and your staff can focus on your business productivity.


With mydesktop you simply provision what you need when you need it, meaning you can increase or decrease your resources on a monthly basis.

Increased accessibility

Because your desktop is hosted in the cloud users can work from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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