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File Hosting

File sharing for businesses that’ll keep users and administrators happy.

Enterprise-grade file syncing and sharing services

With an increasingly mobile workforce, employees expect to have company documents and data at their fingertips – no matter where they are in the world. The challenge is to do this in a way that keeps your confidential information secure.


myfolders provides an enterprise-grade file sharing solution that gives you maximum control of your data.

Always up-to-date

Your team will always have the most up-to-date files at their fingertips, on all their devices.

Full control

Administrators have full control over user activity, to safeguard data security.

Security encryption

Data is defended with encryption in-transit and at-rest.

It’s fast!

myfolders is fast – and eliminates slow VPN and FTP technology.

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About myfolders

Although there are numerous data storage and file sharing services available, they’ve mostly been designed with consumers in mind rather than businesses.


Happily, the collaboration and security features of myfolders are geared to SMEs: you’ll enjoy premium levels of data security, plus leading-edge encryption and syncing features, that work across all devices.


All myfolders file sharing for businesses packages come with:

NZ based servers and support.

Support for Windows PCs, Mac OS X, iOS and Android phones.

Continual syncing of files.

Team sharing for easy project collaboration.

Secure online storage that uses the very best in encryption (AES-256 or blowfish encryption), whether the data is in-transit or at-rest.

Backup and restore functionality, allowing you to set continuous, real-time backups of synced files and folders.

An easy-to-use admin dashboard where you can set user policies.

Reporting information, plus alert, audit and tracking features for continuous monitoring of your data security.

Optimus Systems’ legendary support team.

How it works

The myfolders file sharing for businesses service syncs files across desktop, mobile devices, and the web. Syncing happens automatically the moment a file modification occurs, and offline work on PCs is synced the moment a user comes back online. Files and folders are also accessible through any web browser.


Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, meaning that content is secure and protected. Sharing permissions and access are strictly controlled but can be easily amended at any time.


Content protection features also guard against accidental deletion and version conflict. Any myfolders data on mobile devices can be remotely wiped in the event the device is lost or stolen.


myfolders easily integrates with your current IT environment. Some SMEs choose to move away from slow, cumbersome VPN technology now that file sharing for businesses is so secure. But if you do want to hook up your File Server to myfolders, that’s easy to do – and everything will sync in real time.

Plan Features

An enterprise-grade file sync and share service that meets the needs of both users and administrators.

myfolders FeaturesEssentialsEnhanceUltimate
Desktop Sync
Mobile Support
Team Shares
AES-256 or Blowfish Encryption
Alert, Audit, and Tracking
WebDAV Mapped Drives
Full Branding
File Server Enablement

All plans are secured using AES-256 or Blowfish Encryption and include Enterprise Policy Controls for your users, Web Administration Portal and Reporting

Key business benefits

Easily send huge files

myfolders makes it easy to share massive files – and do so securely – even with people who aren’t part of your organisation.

Collaborate securely

As an enterprise-grade tool, myfolders makes it easy for you to create special collaboration folders and share them securely with authorised corporate file sharing users.

Work across multiple sites

When you use myfolders as your secure file storage solution, you don’t have to worry about where to locate a physical server because you don’t need one.

Be ready if disaster strikes

myfolders lets you remotely wipe corporate data from a lost device. You can also remotely wipe data from devices of terminated employees.

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