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Flexible, customisable internet services that are specially designed to suit the needs of New Zealand businesses.

Business internet services that are fast and reliable

You can have your broadband connection with Optimus Systems – no matter where you are in New Zealand. You no longer need to rely on the traditional telcos for business internet services: instead, with Optimus Systems as your ISP you’ll enjoy fast, helpful and friendly service. Plus an internet package that’s customised to your exact needs.


There’s a range of different internet technologies available (the actual choices will depend on where your business is located) – and we can advise which connection and package is best for your business. We can also install all the routers, Wi-Fi, cabling and networking, to get your team communicating more efficiently than ever.


ADSL is the basic broadband internet option that we’ve all been using for years. It is suitable for small businesses that use the internet for light web browsing and email only. ADSL is delivered over the traditional copper network and is great for businesses that require internet access, but it is not mission-critical to their business operations.


VDSL is essentially fast broadband and is a great alternative for businesses who want faster internet speeds than ADSL but don’t yet have access to UFB. VDSL is delivered over the traditional copper network, but is approximately 5 x faster for downloads, and 12 x faster for uploads than ADSL and works well with small VoIP instances.

Ultrafast Broadband (UFB)

Ultra-fast broadband (ufb) is fibre optic internet with the difference being that it is over a shared connection and speeds are “up to” – not guaranteed.

However, UFB will generally be much faster than ADSL or VDSL so is a great internet option for SMBs looking to upgrade their internet and utilise cloud services.

Premium fibre

Premium fibre is our fibre optic internet offering that provides your business with a private, fast, guaranteed internet connection. Fibre optic internet is able to deliver the greatest levels of speed, performance and reliability so that your business can work faster and more productively.

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Internet Services

Premium internet experiences at a reasonable price that are known for its outstanding performance and reliability.

  • ADSL
    • $ 79 starting from
      • Up to 24mbps down, 1mbps up
      • Various data plan options
      • Fixed IP address
      • Available to 90%+ of homes and businesses in NZ

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  • VDSL
    • $ 89 starting from
      • Up to 70mbps down, 10 mbps up
      • Various data plan options
      • Fixed IP address
      • Available to over 50% of homes and businesses in NZ

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    • $ 99 starting from
      • Up to 1Gbps symmetrical
      • Various data plan options
      • Fixed IP address
      • Available to around 40% of NZ homes and businesses

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    • $ 495 starting from
      • Guaranteed SLA
      • Various data/speed plan options
      • Fixed IP address
      • Available to around 60% of NZ businesses and often more

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Ready to check if you can get an internet connection? Please contact us, we’ll happy to put together a plan that’ll suit your needs.

Key business benefits

NZ-wide coverage

Optimus Systems can connect your organisation - no matter where you're based in New Zealand.

Simplified IT

If you're already using us for your IT needs, it means there's only one number to call if you need support (0800 359 933)

Set-up assistance

You can also engage us to get your internet system up and running, including supplying any routers, wifi extenders, cabling, etc.

Maximum performance

Your team can work more efficiently with the right-size internet solution for your business.

Get in touch with our helpful team to get a quote or more information on how we can help.